Welcome to my site and blog!

Being a creative spirit, I'm never content for long, so I’ve went through a few design phases with my portfolio website.  I realized that I wanted a site where I could not only showcase my creative work, but also a place where I could share things that have either inspired me, resonated in my consciousness, or just genuinely made me smile.  So, that's exactly what I did!

I'm so excited to finally be launching my new blog!  I hope everyone who stops by, enjoys the things that I have shared so far.  I have saved many quotes, words of wisdom, poems, and various articles that have inspired me over the last few years through my journey.  I hope that what has inspired me, may inspire others as well.

More About Me

Life has had many ups and downs, and with age and strength, comes wisdom. I now see life in a new way — a different way.  My path has not been easy and I've had my struggles.  Since being a child in the 1970's, I have dealt with depression and anxiety with an unobtainable quest for perfection resulting in lifelong body image and eating disorder issues.  I continued dealing and struggling with those issues through my adult years.  In my 30's, I developed an autoimmune disorder.  My life has had its struggles, but in my 40’s, I’m finally coming into my own and learning to live life with balance and happiness!

My goal for my blog is to provide an outlet for many of the things I want to say and share on the topics that are so dear to me.  I hope to provide a positive message enveloped with hope and to express to others, and even to myself, that no matter what the struggle is, anything can be conquered!

I was born and raised in Charleston West Virginia in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.  I then moved to Charlotte, NC in the late 80’s and lived there for 20 years until moving back to my hometown in 2008 where I now reside.  My background includes 25+ years working in an administrative, marketing and desktop publishing capacity.  I am a graduate of Charlotte Institute of the Arts (1995-1997) and a graduate of Sessions College for Professional Design (2002-2006).

Turning my portfolio site into a blog has become such a labor of love and I’m excited to continue to share more about me as I continue on my journey!



"Creative people don't follow rules, they don't necessarily break them either, they almost always make their own."